Just got back from Otley after one of your drivers took me from Guiseley. Last night our car broke down in Otley (battery flat) so we got a taxi home while I charged up the battery-booster to return later and start the car but it got late so I waited until this-morning. This-morning one of your drivers took me to my car and must have seen me struggle when the booster didn’t work. It turned out that the booster had stopped holding a charge (so it’s no good). Anyway the driver saw me and came to help. Parked his car in-front of mine and got my car working with jump leads. It only took 2 minutes but not many people take the time to help a stranger or bother to check.
Please pass on our thanks to all concerned with SJK. You transport my Wife and kids each week without a hitch. The two times I’ve needed to get to-and-from the Discovery Centre in Pool and be rescued in Otley have shown me what a good company SJK is. 
– Mr Cook –