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On Saturday 22nd we returned from Lanzarote. Our flight LS 218 was due in at 1925 but unfortunately was delayed finally arriving at approx 2215. I had requested a return taxi at the same time I made the booking to go to the airport. As requested I rang SJK on leaving customs in the arrivals hall thinking oh dear how long will we have to wait now. The young lady in the office was very pleasant and efficient telling me she would take care of things and to proceed to the waiting area. I am very pleased to say she was true to her word a taxi arriving within approx 10 minutes. Additionally the taxi as previously requested was big enough to take the four of us plus 4 large suitcases. So we were home for about 2300.
Both taxis drivers to and from the airport were very pleasant and helpful. I would say this is the norm when we deal with SJK.
People are slow to praise but extremely quick to criticise. So please pass on our thanks and give them a “pat on the back” from us please. 
– John Stewart –

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